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Creative Thinking For a Post Pandemic World

Is creative thinking at the top of your training? Here’s why it should be.

Creative thinking is now the #1 skill needed in the workforce.


With the advancement of AI technology and now the effects of the pandemic, companies need employees who can imagine, create and courageously contribute fresh ideas to the market.

Genein is a national voice on creative thinking. Her keynotes (which are full of stories, laughs and wow moments) help build the foundational creative skills needed to produce innovative ideas for an unknown future. She shares her 16 Diamond Tools of Creative Thinkers and encourages your team members that they too can regain their creative genius and contribute with purpose.

Employees that build an entrepreneurial creative mindset are more engaged, creative and productive at work. Let Genein inform, inspire and transform your teams to fulfill their creative potential.


Attendees will learn how to:
-rebuild their innate creative mindset
-learn basic strategies that support creative thinking
-expand their imaginative abilities
-interact with colleagues to build an inclusive creative culture

Intercultural Creativity: Building and Honoring The Creativity In Us All


Everybody wants it but most people don't know how to truly achieve it. Innovation rests on creative thinking and creativity rests on the ability to see things from multiple perspectives, dismantling bias, having a curious open mind and building a culture of inclusion and belonging.

We are now a global workforce that has forced global citizens to interconnect and produce innovative ideas.

Collaborative Intercultural Creativity is now the ‘new normal’.

This engaging keynote helps your team members develop intercultural competency with creative thinking strategies to build an inclusive environment for the health of all team members.

This post pandemic topic is critical for the creative advancement of any organization. Lots of laughs, stories and memorable points that will ignite your attendees to start 2021 with hope and strategies for a brighter connected future.


Attendees will learn how:
-culture and creativity are connected
-to analyze their own cultural behaviors and become aware and beneficially responsive to others
-to creatively engage with other cultures in business - virtual and in person
-to advance their intercultural competence for success in a global market

The Future of Work: Sustainable Student Success In A Transformational Time

In an age of ubiquitous disruption and unpredictable technology evolution, the only way students and workers can navigate disruptive change is by being adaptive and creative. Genein’s keynote, based on cutting edge research and dynamic narrative, will educate your audience on key strategies to increase the skills needed to ride this wave of transformational change in our schools and our workforce.

Custom Topic

Genein is an award-winning speaker and speech writer and can craft a powerful uniquely written speech for the theme of your event. Whether it be on creative thinking, the intersection on innovation and inclusion or building the intercultural mindset, Genein can inform, inspire and transform your team members to reclaiming their creative genius while creating an inclusive environment where everyone can shine.


Genein has keynoted many conferences in person and virtually, from local gatherings to national events, and looks forward to helping your conference become unforgettable!

Past Events

  • TEDx CSUN, Brilliant Yet Broke: The Missing Tools Our Students Need To Succeed
  • CCSA Keynote ‘Find Your Why’, Sacramento, CA
  • Extraordinary Educators Conference, ‘The Importance of Creative Arts in Schools, Chicago, IL

I have had the distinct pleasure of seeing Genein in action at her school and speaking to large groups. She exemplifies quality, passion and drive for learning. Her enthusiasm is contagious and energizes all around her. She is a true star in the classroom, the conference room and beyond!

– Kevin Carnes, President, Lakeshore Learning Materials

"We were so fortunate to have Genein deliver a powerful and captivating message on Creating Change to our faculty and staff at Woodbury University. Her personal story, activities, examples and enchanting personality kept the group engaged and inspired. Additionally, her extensive knowledge on creative thinking and ability to customize her workshops makes her a valuable contribution to any organization."

-Anasia Obioha, Assistant Director, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Woodbury University

Corporate and District Events

As the Great American Teacher of the Year and the LA Lakers Business Women Award recipient, Genein connects well with both educators and corporate stakeholders alike, inspiring them to reconnect to their creative source while increasing creativity into their work place and classroom.

Past Events

  • Kairos Conference: "Nurturing Creativity Within Your Organizations", Boston, MA
  • Partners Summit, Donorschoose.org, “Connecting Our Classrooms to Your Boardrooms”, New York, NY

At our event, Genein led three powerful seminars on reigniting creativity for our guests of Massachusetts thought leaders. Everyone left inspired to do more in this critical area of innovation.

– Jeff C. Riley, Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education, Massachusetts

Genein has an unmatched zest for learning and an enthusiasm for inspiring others. Her insights on creativity have been integral to shaping our programs to inspire students around technology. To watch her in front of the classroom is to watch a woman who has found her calling. She demonstrates a deep care for her students, a drive to make the education system work harder for young people, and a desire to empower the next generation.

– Eileen Buckley, Corporate Responsibility Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP (PwC)

Genein lifts every room she enters. She’s humble and vulnerable with her own story—deeply inspiring in its own right— but she speaks with purpose, sharing her journey to help other connect with their own inner creativity. Genein’s keynote talk “Finding Your Why” at the 2015 California Charter Schools Conference was the perfect kick off three days of learning and reflection for hundreds of teachers across California. Our teachers come in all shapes, sizes, colors and ideologies, and Genein brought us all together around a higher purpose. She is a tremendous educator and speaker.

– Keith Dell’Aquila, Director of Teacher Engagement, CA Charter School Association

University and College Events

College is already a transformational time and by bringing in Genein’s words of wisdom and inspiration, your students will be encouraged to keep transforming in the right direction. Sharing relevant vulnerable experiences, Genein’s keynotes for college students are transparent, vulnerable and thought provoking. Genein will enthusiastically equip your bright students for a bold, creative and purposeful life.

Past Events

  • UCLA Road To Happiness ‘ Claiming Your Financial Freedom’, Los Angeles, CA
  • Mt. Saint Mary’s ‘Embracing The Unknown’, Los Angeles, CA
  • California State University, Northridge, ‘Be Unstoppable’, Northridge CA
  • USC ‘Lean In: Woman of Impact’, Los Angeles, CA

Genein is passionate and you can tell there’s so much excitement and enthusiasm because this is coming from a place where she was. This wasn’t just a general lecture, this was her talking from the heart and from a place of perseverance. She was able to inspire our student audience while teaching them about their financial futures and their road to happiness.

– Alyson Beckman, Associate Director, Bruins Traditions, UCLA

Genein wowed the audience of soon to be first year commuter college students at our 6th Annual Commuter Retreat at Mount Saint Mary's University. She delivered an inspiring message about “embracing the unknown” and “being comfortable with being uncomfortable.” The students raved that one of the best aspects of the Retreat experience was hearing from Genein. Her message was timely and profound for our students. Thank you Genein for the great work you are doing to inspire our future generation of leaders.

– Faraah Mullings Brown, Ed.D.
Director of Student Programming and Commuter Services, Mount Saint Mary's University, Los Angeles

Guest Panelist and Featured Media Expert

As a thought leader on creativity, intercultural creativity  and financial literacy, Genein often serves as a contributor on panels, media roundtables and other media events.