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Trainings and Workshops

Innovation starts with people.
You need creative people for creative teams to build creative organizations.

-Genein Letford

98.8% of attendees stated an increase of creative thinking after taking Genein’s seminar.

Corporate Intercultural Creative Training

Building Beyond Bias™

Having an open mind is the #1 indicator of a highly creative thinker as well as a highly culturally competent person. This two-hour training facilitates the mental development of identifying and dismantling prejudging mental blocks that inhibit open-mindedness and empathy. This training focuses on unconscious bias training, which includes cultural bias, creative biases, and other cognitive biases that affect decision making, hiring, promoting, and building interpersonal relationships. We teach mental tools for leaders and team members to manage and adjust for biases, unconscious beliefs, and self-limiting creative restraints.

Your team will benefit by:

  • Team members will understand how bias is formed in the unconscious mind and recognize the difference between affinity bias, confirmation bias, social comparison bias, and attribution bias in decision making and creative ideations.

  • Through the use of the Diversity Diamond, team members identify and discuss dominant and non-dominant positions on self-identified cultural demographics that influence life and work experiences.

  • Team members will employ tools to give and take feedback around biased behavior and use language and phrases that increase belongingness and creative ideation success.

Increasing Cultural Curiosity For Employee Success

If innovation is driven by creativity, then creativity is driven by curiosity. It is this same curiosity that is needed to develop intercultural competency. By implementing a consistent process of curious exploration, team members will engage ideas and people in a more complex and novel way. This is imperative for advancing Intercultural CreativityTM. The primary method of increasing curiosity is utilizing observation skills and applying an advanced process of questioning. Seeking information to fill gaps of knowledge through culturally respectful questioning and investigation will strengthen psychological safety, increase inclusivity, and reveal new possibilities for innovation.

Your team members will benefit by:

  • Team members will become aware of mental blocks that inhibit curious exploration and implement tools to dismantle those blocks

  • Team members will recognize and improve the quantity, variety, and quality of questions in environmental and cultural settings

  • Team members will strengthen imagination capabilities to increase 360 thinking in environmental and cultural settings

  • Team members will engage in respectful cultural curiosity that avoids microaggression (SAE) territory.

Perspective Shifting For Leadership

The ability to perspective shift is needed for empathy, creativity, cultural competence, and innovation yet can be reduced as leaders advance higher in position. Few leaders invest time to develop this skill. Perspective-taking skills can improve through training and it activates the social brain network, which can also reduce implicit bias. Our training uses situational and artistic methods to sharpen and develop the ability to perspective shift in professional environmental experiences and cultural experiences. Empathy skills are further developed and imagination exercises, such as ‘fictive learning,’ are explored and utilized.

Your team members will benefit by:

  • Leaders will strengthen perspective taking skills through the use of artistic, metaphoric and narrative methods
  • Leaders utilize various methods of communication to express new perspectives in order to discover hidden relationships

  • Leaders learn how to identify and confront any biases or previously held beliefs that may negatively affect the perspective taking process

  • Leaders will develop the use of multiple sensory inputs to increase the perspective taking experience

Growing Adaptable

In a world of ubiquitous change, developing adaptive workers is critical. This seminar addresses the importance of individual and corporate adaptability and offers insightful strategies in increasing adaptability within your team members. Through engaging exercises and activities, team members become better problem solvers as they increase their adaptive and creative skills.

Your team members will benefit by:

  • Increasing their ability to adapt in changing environments
  • Learning how to control their emotional states throughout adaptation
  • Understand and implement growth mindset qualities
  • Identify and develop the Top 5 Transferable skills
  • Managing internal and external forces throughout adaptation

Despite being an artist, I’ve always struggled with incorporating creativity in to my day to day life and job. I’m grateful this workshop unpacked some causes of my creative blocks and offered practical, actionable suggestions on how to be more of a creative thinker. Thank you Genein for giving us these priceless tools!

– Ariana, Advocacy and Public Partnerships, Donorschoose.org

Genein’s exercises were so fun! At one point, I laughed so hard I was nearly in tears! Her activities were similar to real life situations and made me see the value in creative thinking in the workplace. I walked away from the workshop with easy simple steps to continue honing my creativity in both my personal and professional lives.

– Tyra Abraham, Associate, Donorschoose.org

Educator Professional Development

Intercultural Creativity™ for the Classroom

In times like these, educators need to be culturally sensitive and creative with their lessons and their engagement strategies with students. Teaching fully online calls for engaging lessons and this training gives sounds strategies in this area.

Recognizing that culturally responsive instruction helps educators close achievement gaps, CAFFE offers a program that expands the capacity of educators to serve students from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Your teaching staff will benefit by:

  • Deepening their own cultural self-awareness.
  • Increasing their understanding of the link between cultural self-awareness and cultural competence.
  • Identifying culturally responsive teaching practices.
  • Sharing strategies for promoting culturally responsive instruction.

Creative Arts Integration

The creative arts (visual arts, dance, theatre and music) are integral parts of the human learning experience. Genein guides teachers through integrating the creative arts within an established curriculum for increased engagement and exploration of the content. Genein has successfully lectured on arts integration at the university level and is pleased to bring this successful program to teachers across the nation.

Your teaching staff will benefit by:

  • Learn the basic elements of the creative arts and how to communicate through those elements
  • Integrating the creative arts in the curriculum for any grade and subject
  • Acquiring strategies to expand their creative thinking and the creative thinking of their students with the creative arts

The variety of activities, the level of passion and Genein’s commitment to creativity made this seminar on of the most valuable in my academic career.

– Melanie Sanchez, Educator

I am impressed with her depth of knowledge in the arts and creative thinking. She is a wonder and is the most inspiring teacher I’ve had in a long time.

– Carlos C, Dodgers Rookie Teacher of the Year

You can tell she is very passionate about this topic. The way that she teaches the content is directly relatable to how I would be able to teach it in my classroom. I’ve already started applying it in my curriculum.

– Julie Mason

Non-Profit and Faith Based Seminars

Creativity BootCamp

Creativity is not a special talent that only some people possess. Creativity is in all of us and it is a skill that can be intentionally developed. Grounded in foundation scripture, this seminar reconnects people to their creative source and equips them with the skills to produce novel ideas but also produce ideas that can inspire financial breakthroughs

Your attendees will benefit by:

  • Gaining a biblical understanding of creativity and its divine source
  • Acquire strategies to develop their creative thinking skills
  • Learning how their creativity is connected to their financial well being
  • Increasing their boldness the create even in the presence of fear

Faith and Finance Seminar

Our financial well-being can play a major factor in our life experience. Sadly, solid financial training is lacking within our communities. This seminar primarily focuses on learning and implementing sound financial principals along with practical methods to get rid of debt, save, invest and live a financial free life of purpose.

Your attendees will benefit by:

  • Gaining a biblical understanding of finance
  • Acquiring strategies to pay off debt, create a spending plan and invest
  • Gaining tools to master the mental and spiritual battle of money
  • Building faith to trust God with their financial journey

Genein Letford is a passionate speaker that inspires people to “take on the world” and live to their potential. She knows how to get to the heart of the matter and with relevance, she provides solutions and tools to help people accomplish their goals. Genein is a master in unlocking strategies and strength that you might have not seen. She is truly a gift.

Pastor Tymme Reitz
Senior Leader of Life150 Church and Director of Conekt-LA Art Center
Author of “In The Waiting” and “Breaking The Rules So Love Can Win"

Thank you Genein, for this financial workshop. I can’t believe how easy you make and explain the steps needed to help me become more successful in my finances. You give such valuable information and implementations needed to make life easier and the financial world more understandable.

– Theresa D.

I gained so much material to take home and analyze. Debt, budgeting and investing are ‘scary’ topics but all the material was discussed and presented in an approachable way that encouraged me in my financial journey more than anything else!

– Kayla M.

I’ve successfully gone through the Faith and Finance seminar with Genein and it was such a blessing to my life. I was able to encounter discipline with my finances. In this workshop you learn so much about yourself and your identity within this whole entire process of putting your faith and finances together. It’s such a successful way to live. You really feel freedom.

– Gerald Castle, Actor, Dancer