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Intercultural Creativity is now the most important skill

in business.

-World Economic Forum

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Keynote Speaking

As an award winning speaker Genein will leave your audience feeling inspired, enlightened and ready to live creative purposeful lives.

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As a curriculum specialist, Genein’s seminars and workshops equip attendees with the tools to enhance their intercultural creativity. She leads dynamic unforgettable seminars in emotional intelligence, cultural competence and creative thinking.

Personal Coaching

Are you operating at your highest creative potential? Is your well being suffering because of a lack of creativity or the ability to work well with others? Individualized coaching can reignite your creative passions and help you utilize them for abundance.

Executive Coaching

C-Suite and executive directors will learn how to develop a culture of Intercultural Creativity® in the workplace while increasing creative thinking for themselves and their team members.

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-Adobe survey of 5,000+ people

Get to know…

Genein Letford

Genein Letford is an award-winning speaker, best-selling author and corporate trainer on creative thinking and Intercultural Creativity®. She is the founder of CAFFE Strategies, and has inspired and led many to reconnect to their creative abilities in order to produce innovative ideas for an inclusive workspace.  Her unique interactive training intersects creative thinking development with building a culture of inclusion and belonging.  She believes creative literacy is a critical skill and she is often called ‘America’s Creativity Coach’ for her work in reigniting creativity in our workforce.

Creative Wealth Academy

Creative Health * Financial Wealth

This dynamic online academy will strengthen your creative abilities while giving you the financial foundation to build wealth and prosper from your creative ideas. At the Creative Wealth Academy, we believe that your creative health affects your financial wealth, so investing in BOTH of those areas is key for an abundant life.

The Debt To Destiny Financial Freedom Course is available NOW! This interactive course has six modules, 20 lessons and over 40 videos that combine financial training, creative thinking support and money psychology!

Your creative health affects your financial wealth so let’s get your finances on track this year!

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Intercultural Creativity®

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