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Creative Wealth Coaching

If you set a goal to compete at the Olympics, what is the first thing you should do? Find a top coach who can get you to your goal. As the Teacher of the Year and the ‘Innovation in Education’ award winner, Genein is the top educator and coach who can assist in your creativity growth or your financial well-being. Whether you’re a top executive looking to increase innovation within your organization or you’re an individual who wants to reconnect to their creative source, individualized coaching will expedite your success!

Personal Creative Coaching

Are you feeling like you’re in a rut? Do you offer creative solutions at work or in your projects?

Since your creative ability affects your personal, professional and financial growth, investing in individualized creativity training will prepare you with the agility you’ll need to stay innovative in times of change. Creativity training will also positively affect your health and overall life experience.

Personal creative coaching is for the individual looking to level up in their creative thinking abilities for enhancement in work, relationships, and in life.

Benefits of individualized coaching includes:

  • Identifying and dismantling creative blockers
  • Getting out of life’s rut
  • Originating and developing creative solutions
  • Overcoming fear of sharing creative solutions
  • Enjoying a deeper connection to your creative source

Executive Creative Coaching

For C-Suite Officers, Executive Directors and leaders of businesses, organizations and non-profits.

In an age of ubiquitous disruption and unpredictable job evolution, building a culture of creativity is critical for continued innovation within your organization. Remember, your team follows your lead. Are you operating at YOUR full creative ability?

If your desire is to increase your creative skills while learning how to build a safe culture of creativity and innovation within your teams, then executive creative coaching is for you!

The benefits you will experience are:

  • Feel more confident in your own ability to produce creative solutions
  • Learn how to utilize creative skill building tools for your brainstorming meetings
  • Build a workplace and culture of innovation that supports creative development within your teams

Personalized Financial Coaching

Are you struggling in your finances? Are you in debt? Is your month longer than your money? Do you make decent income but have no idea where it goes? Are you ready to be successful with your finances, become debt free and creatively build wealth?

If so, personal financial coaching is for you!

Our creative health affects our financial wealth and we all need financial education to improve our money situation. Through this individualized program, you’ll receive personalize guidance to create a money winning mindset, eliminate debt, and grow more creative in building wealth for you, your family and your community.

Benefits of individualized coaching includes:

  • Identifying and dismantling negative money mindsets
  • Personalized debt elimination plan
  • Strategic goal setting and pacing financial plan
  • Key strategies to harness your creativity to support your financial goals
  • Accountability support

If you have questions about how Genein can help you with your Creative Wealth, click the button below to get in touch with her.