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  • Building Your Own Creative PD
    DING! I turned my head to see the email pop up. Heart quickened, eyes focused. My first response letter from the NEH Summer Fellowship is in. I quickly scanned it just to see, ‘We regret to inform you that we cannot offer you a place for this year’s program.’ As my heart sank as the second DING from the NEH Gettysburg Fello...

  • I Thanked a Teacher and He Got $10,000!
    Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Mr. Steven Miller was my 6th grade general studies teacher and he made me realize that it was ok to be me. It’s ok to be crazy and think out of the box. It’s ok to go above and beyond other people’s expectations of you (though they might think that you're odd). It's ok to not fit in when you were...

  • In the Key of CUE : A Music Teacher’s Perspective on her First CUE Conference
    Levar Burton just walked on stage as the main keynote of the conference. At that moment, I looked to my right and there’s Scott Bedley and his group of amazing colleagues. I glanced to my left to see Jason Seliskar, Jen Roberts and Bill Selak, who’s showing me his final edit of a photo he took of Levar addressing a crowd of 5300. I...
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  • The Cost of Creativity
    In college I was repeatedly asked the question, “Genein, how did you become so creative?”  This question was often prompted from my elaborate project submissions throughout the years, which always went above and beyond the minimum requirements. It wasn’t until I won various awards for my creative interdisciplinary lessons, that...

  • 5 Things We Need to Stop Pretending -Twitter Challenge-
    First it was the Ice Bucket Challenge and now it's this. I was challenged by one of my education mentors, Scott Bedley, to list 5 things we need to stop pretending in education. So here  goes:     5 Things We Need To Stop Pretending That the arts are important when no official time is given to teachers for creative/arts enhanced PD. ...
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  • Sep

    Arts Integration Discussionwith the Bedley Bros.
    I was excited to be featured on the Bedley Bros (@bedleybros) talk show to share some ideas on arts integration. From book tracks to classifying the instruments of the orchestra, there are many fun lesson activities in this video that can be implemented right away for your students. Enjoy!