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  • An Open Letter to 18 Year Old Genein Jefferson
      Dear Genein,   You’re 18 and I am now 38. I don’t know if I should be writing you… my younger self. I’ve watched Back To The Future many times and I know what happens when you contact the ‘younger’ you. It never ends well. Nevertheless, I’ll take that risk if only just to share with those out there w...

  • Sep

    Tme Is On Your Side – Or Is It?
    Time is money - well at least it is in Justine Timberlake's world in the movie, 'IN TIME'. In the film, Will Salas (Timberlake) is a poor man who rarely has more than a day's worth of life on his time clock but the wealthy had the resources to live forever. This is their reality, instead of paying in money, they pay in time. When they wor...

  • Aug

    The Financial Number Every Household Needs To Know
    This is the number every household should know. Ours was -$50,000! Trust me. Watch the video, learn from our mistake and start your journey of getting your financial life on track.   In debt? Stuck? Looking for financial coaching? Start here!

  • The Selfie Vs. The Shelfie
    With the advent of the cell phone camera, the selfie has risen to great prominence. But I would challenge you to grace me with a photo revealing another side of you; your bookshelf. We know you look good but instead of showing me what you're wearing, show me what you're reading. Share with me your books and not just your looks. &nbs...

  • JOY: Business Inspiration In a Little Mop
    An Ode to 'Joy' A Movie Review   First of all let’s start with her name – Joy. Someone once told me, “Genein, God doesn’t care about your happiness because that‘s fleeting and built on things and situations. God cares about your joy, because that is what’s sustaining throughout it all.”   Which is why s...
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  • Jun

    How We Paid Off Almost $100,000 Worth of Debt
    "Free at last. Free at last. Thank God Almighty we're free at last!" - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It's an honor to share this journey with you on Dr. Martin Luther King's holiday because this journey is all about freedom. Freedom from a limited poverty mindset, freedom from ignorance, and freedom from DEBT. Check out the video to see o...

  • Apr

    The Cost of Not Having A Will or Trust
    Estate planning  - 'legal stuff people do when their loved ones die - is not really thought about for people who are not wealthy. But this is just as important for middle/low income people as it is for the wealthy. Learn what could happen to your assets (your stuff) or your children if you pass away without a living revocable trust. R...

  • Mr. Lincoln and The Benefits of a Difficult Life
    Walking around Washington DC for seven days, I forced myself to see the city as Lincoln saw it. It was a bit of a challenge as 2017 BMW's raced down Penn Ave. Nevertheless, I tried. It wasn't until I strolled the grounds of Lincoln's Cottage for our teacher's fellowship that I was immediately catapulted into his time. This house museum...

  • Jan

    Arts Integration Session at CCSA
    The CA Charter School Association conference concluded this week and it was an informative experience. I led the session on arts integration and wanted to leave some resources here for those who were unable to attend or wanted to watch the videos I played in the session! I started the session with the powerful connection of my journey as...

  • Easy Grants for the Busy Teacher
    Grants, Fellowships, and Awards Grant Tips from the NACP Grant Expert! Grant writing is like the chicken and the egg dilemma. Do you start with a great project idea and no funding source, or begin by identifying a possible funding source to then develop a project to match? Why not do both? Brainstorm a list of great ideas and look...
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