My #BestSchoolDay with Stephen Colbert

Thursday was a school day to rival all school days - at least to the teachers and students who are on

Thursday, March 10th, was the #BestSchoolDay initiated by Donorschoose where 50 famous people funded over 11,000 projects all over the nation equaling 14 million dollars! I was hoping Los Angeles would get flash funded but we didn't (but there were some great matches out there). It was an awesome day for America's teachers and the students they serve!

Donorschoose asked me to write a piece for Huffington Post and as well as do an interview with Fast Company Magazine about the event. Check out the articles!

Stephen Colbert (who also serves on the Donorschoose Board of Directors with me)  eagerly unveiled the news on CBS This Morning and then closed out the day on his Late Show with some of the major funders of the #BestSchoolDay.

But it doesn't stop with them; they only got the ball rolling. Go to and find a classroom project that speaks to your heart or reminds you of your #BestSchooDay!


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on the #BESTSCHOOLDAY