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  • The Unseen Financial Cost of Laziness
    When we think of someone who is lazy, an image of a person slouching on the couch at noon, eating cereal comes to mind. That’s an easy call. But lazy comes in many different forms. No matter how it looks, after reading this proverb, I discovered there is a hidden cost of being lazy.   A lazy person is as bad as someone who dest...

  • Oct

    Support My GoFundMe Financial Book!
    GoFundMe Link If you've ever said, "I wish I had this information when I was younger," then you know how importance this project will be. Here's my story... I found myself, as a 30 year old, weeping on the carpet.  In one hand I held a $60,000 student loan bill and in the other hand, an $8,000 credit card bill. Wondering how I got ...

  • Jun

    It’s Not All About the Benjamins … It’s About the Fees!
      “A thorn of experience is worth a wilderness of wisdom.’   This quote came rushing to me when I realized I have experienced yet another painful lesson in my financial journey that got my attention faster than all the books I read on the topic.   If you’re a teacher who is investing, feel free to exper...

  • Aug

    The Financial Number Every Household Needs To Know
    This is the number every household should know. Ours was -$50,000! Trust me. Watch the video, learn from our mistake and start your journey of getting your financial life on track.   In debt? Stuck? Looking for financial coaching? Start here!

  • Jun

    How We Paid Off Almost $100,000 Worth of Debt
    "Free at last. Free at last. Thank God Almighty we're free at last!" - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It's an honor to share this journey with you on Dr. Martin Luther King's holiday because this journey is all about freedom. Freedom from a limited poverty mindset, freedom from ignorance, and freedom from DEBT. Check out the video to see o...

  • Apr

    The Cost of Not Having A Will or Trust
    Estate planning  - 'legal stuff people do when their loved ones die - is not really thought about for people who are not wealthy. But this is just as important for middle/low income people as it is for the wealthy. Learn what could happen to your assets (your stuff) or your children if you pass away without a living revocable trust. R...

  • Walking A Red Carpet of Purpose
    And the Oscar goes to.... This familiar phrase, preceded by butterflies in the stomach and high anticipation, was heard many times on Hollywood’s most celebrated night. On Sunday, I had the privilege of representing and walking a different kind of red carpet – a red carpet of purpose - with PwC.   [capti...

  • Oct

    ID Theft: How to Keep Your ID and Your Money $afe
    So it happened! Shayne and I got hit last month twice with ID theft. Someone took $400 from our business account electronically and then someone took a check from my wallet and wrote themselves $403 for ‘A Days Work’. I'm wondering what type of 'work' that is because I might be in the wrong profession!...