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  • Easy Grants for the Busy Teacher
    Grants, Fellowships, and Awards Grant Tips from the NACP Grant Expert! Grant writing is like the chicken and the egg dilemma. Do you start with a great project idea and no funding source, or begin by identifying a possible funding source to then develop a project to match? Why not do both? Brainstorm a list of great ideas and look...
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  • My #BestSchoolDay with Stephen Colbert
    Thursday was a school day to rival all school days - at least to the teachers and students who are on Thursday, March 10th, was the #BestSchoolDay initiated by Donorschoose where 50 famous people funded over 11,000 projects all over the nation equaling 14 million dollars! I was hoping Los Angeles would get flash fund...

  • Tales From the Boardroom
    I had the pleasure of representing all of the teachers at the board meeting in June in New York City. Here is my review on their site: Enjoy! Tales from the Boardroom P.S Be sure to comment on their site in the comment section below! They want to hear from you!   [caption id="attachment_608" align="ali...
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