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  • Mar

    I’m Here – The Arts & International Women’s Day
    As we celebrate International Women’s Day, I want to share this experience of how the arts can change your perspective on the way you see yourself and your position in life. As women, we often struggle with seeing ourselves as worthy, as beautiful, as competent and strong. Especially when we are in situations where we constantly see oth...

  • Jan

    Arts Integration Session at CCSA
    The CA Charter School Association conference concluded this week and it was an informative experience. I led the session on arts integration and wanted to leave some resources here for those who were unable to attend or wanted to watch the videos I played in the session! I started the session with the powerful connection of my journey as...

  • Taking A Risk: Charlotte’s Dance
      One of my educational mentors, Scott Bedley, once told me, “Genein, you can’t expect your students to do something you’re not willing to do yourself.” That struck a cord with me and I now make sure that I’m doing what I expect them to do, if not more. 'Be life long learners – Read – Instruments DON’T play them...

  • Creativity: To Be or Not To Be (in PD)
    Charlie 'Bird' Parker once said, "If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn."   Award-winning educator, Cassie Cox, cleverly connected this statement to the importance of educators "experiencing for ourselves what we hope to inspire." As Cassie headed to New York to study Duke Ellignton's contribution to pop ...

  • Sep

    Arts Integration Discussionwith the Bedley Bros.
    I was excited to be featured on the Bedley Bros (@bedleybros) talk show to share some ideas on arts integration. From book tracks to classifying the instruments of the orchestra, there are many fun lesson activities in this video that can be implemented right away for your students. Enjoy!