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  • The Unseen Financial Cost of Laziness
    When we think of someone who is lazy, an image of a person slouching on the couch at noon, eating cereal comes to mind. That’s an easy call. But lazy comes in many different forms. No matter how it looks, after reading this proverb, I discovered there is a hidden cost of being lazy.   A lazy person is as bad as someone who dest...

  • Mar

    Yes You Have Privilege! Now What?
    “I acknowledge my white privilege,” said Sarah Chadwick, a Florida Parkland student. Sarah and her Parkland peers were meeting with the Peace Warriors, a Chicago based student group that teaches students how to resolve conflicts peacefully. The Peace Warriors have been working on eradicating gun violence in their Chicago community ...

  • We Don’t Value Our Teachers: Here’s Why
    “Teaching is like being stuck in a bad marriage. You’re only in it because of the kids.”   The first time I heard this quote, I chuckled. It was funny (though there’s nothing inherently funny about being trapped in a failing marriage or comparing the profession of education to it).   But still, I laughed. &n...

  • Mar

    I’m Here – The Arts & International Women’s Day
    As we celebrate International Women’s Day, I want to share this experience of how the arts can change your perspective on the way you see yourself and your position in life. As women, we often struggle with seeing ourselves as worthy, as beautiful, as competent and strong. Especially when we are in situations where we constantly see oth...

  • An Open Letter to 18 Year Old Genein Jefferson
      Dear Genein,   You’re 18 and I am now 38. I don’t know if I should be writing you… my younger self. I’ve watched Back To The Future many times and I know what happens when you contact the ‘younger’ you. It never ends well. Nevertheless, I’ll take that risk if only just to share with those out there w...

  • Dec

    Asset Framing: Presenting Our Students In the Best Light
    What is asset framing? Good question! Following a Donorschoose board meeting, I sat down with Trabian Shorters, a fellow board member, to discuss what asset framing is and why educators and community members need to be aware of this concept. Continue reading below but also watch the video above for the one on one interview! [caption id...

  • Feb

    5 Strategic Life Lessons I Learned From KIA
    Here's a written introduction of the video but if you can, watch the video - it's way more exciting!   The first month of 2016 is over and if you are desiring 2016 to be your best year yet, you have to check out these strategies I learned from KIA! Though I'm a teacher, I'm also a life long student and can learn from any situ...