I Am Creative (Bundle)



  • I Am Creative book
  • 16 Diamond Tools Of Creative Thinking mini book
  • Diamond Pen

I Am Creative

“I am creative in every single way!“

Creativity is now the #1 skill needed in the workforce, per the World Economic Forum, so supporting our kids/ creativity (and redeveloping our own) is top of mind.

Children come to us with unbounded creativity. They are ready to explore, imagine and invent. As parents, teachers and caregivers, we need to be aware how creativity unfolds. Join Shawn ‘The Creative Kid‘ as he goes throughout his day bringing the 16 Diamond Tools of Creative Thinkers to life.

Through playful lyrics and colorful illustrations, Shawn “The Creative Kid“ inspires young readers to showcase their creativity for all to see. At the end of the book, Genein discusses how Shawn is developing his creative thinking and what parents, teachers and caregivers can do to support it and not hurt it.

Laugh, learn and love the freedom of creativity with Shawn’ The Creative Kid’ Letford.

16 Diamond Tools of Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is now the #1 skill needed in the workforce but many don’t understand what it is or how to develop it.

Until now.

There are 16 elements of creative thinking that Shawn ‘The Creative Kid’ experiences in the I AM CREATIVE children’s book. Those 16 diamond tools are expanded in this mini book for adults.

During this unprecedented era, creative thinking is needed to produce fresh ideas and convert them into value. Identify, learn and implement fundamental skills that highly creative thinkers use to innovate. Avoid becoming a ‘Blockbuster’ calamity. In this mini book, you will learn to:

  • Identify the critical skills highly creative innovators use
  • Support the creative development of your teams
  • Understand how creative thinking affects your life and professional experiences

This is a wonderful compliment to I AM CREATIVE and we know it will spark the inner genius inside of you!