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Creative Wealth Academy

Creative Health • Financial Wealth

This dynamic online academy will strengthen your creative abilities while giving you the financial foundation to build wealth and prosper from your creative ideas. At the Creative Wealth Academy, we believe that your creative health affects your financial wealth, so investing in BOTH of those areas is key for an abundant life.

There are two tracks: The Creative Track and the Financial Foundations Track. Both of these tracks lead into the EntreArts Track where the magic happens of merging your creative abilities with your financial knowledge. If you are strong in one area, select only one track but if you need help in both areas, enroll both tracks for a complete creative wealth experience. Receive high quality lessons, interactive feedback on your growth and even partake in our fieldtrips that will catapult your creativity to the next level.

Enrollment opens June 1st and class launches June 15th, 2019! Spots for this session are limited so sign up for our email list to get enrollment information.

Creative Foundations Track

  • Pre-Training: The Creative Mindset
  • The Creative Bootcamp: Igniting Your Creativity
  • Building Emotional Creative Intelligence
  • Design Thinking – The Creative Process
  • The Power of Metaphorical Thinking
  • Courageous Creating: Overcoming Fear

Financial Foundations Track

  • Pre-Training: The Money Mindset
  • Financial Freedom Course
  • Knowing Your Numbers
  • Budgeting Basics
  • Dominating The Debt
  • Invest Vs Debt Payoff
  • Strategically Saving
  • Building Wealth With Basic Investing