Observing to Unmask – How Observation Skills Can Increase Your Creativity and Empathy – Award Winning Author Pushpendra Mehat – Episiode # 71

Observation is our third gem within the Intercultural Creativity framework and Pushpendra tells us why.

If creativity is the driver of innovation, then curiosity is the driver of creativity. But it doesn’t stop there. Observation is the foundation of them both.

Pushpendra Mehta is a writer, storyteller, marketer, and mentor focused on providing solutions to problems spurred by the power of spirituality, observation, perception, and intuition.

He is the author of the book, “OBSERVE to UNMASK: 100 Small Things to Know People Better” and also runs an online course “OBSERVE to UNMASK’‘ to help people uncover or unmask others to know who they really are and to encourage self-observation and self-improvement.

Pushpendra is also a contributing writer with Entrepreneur Media (Home of Entrepreneur magazine), and an alumnus of Northwestern University, IL.

He understands how keen observational skills is mandatory for creative thinking and intercultural connections. He drops gems for us to learn from.

Enjoy the show!






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