How Workplace Curiosity Affects Organizational Growth – Dr. Alison Horstmeyer – Episode #74

If creativity is the driver of innovation, then it is curiosity that is the driver of creativity! Dr. Alison Horstmeyer has a doctorate in workplace curiosity and is a top thought leader on how the level of intellectual curiosity affects workplace performance.

She discusses what true workplace curiosity looks like, how psychologically safe cultures build curiosity and how the level of curiosity of the C-suite affects the entire organization's development and future growth.


Dr. Alison mentions why these hindrances inhibit intellectual curiosity:

-Top-down decision making

-Preference for the status quo

-Lack of creative exploration time

-Fear of being ostracized for non-conformist and unconventional thinking

Curiosity is the fourth gem of our 7 Gems of Intercultural Creativity and this conversation certainly explains why.

This is an episode you'll need to be curious about! Enjoy!

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