Episode #99 – Mindfulness, Meditation, and the Power of the Creative Brain with Neuroscientist Dr. Nicole Tetreault

Episode 99: Mindfulness, Meditation, and the Power of the Creative Brain


Nicole Tetreault is the author of Insight Into A Bright Mind, and today we have her discuss Neurodiversity and everything that revolves around that subject. To begin, we will learn about Nicole's path through the field of neuroscience so that we can gain a deeper comprehension of her experience and acquire some context regarding how she developed into the person she is today. For today’s episode, we will get to know how optimistic imagination works, how vital meditation is, why it is important to connect with nature and creation, and many more! How does compassion play a very wonderful role in our lives? How true is it that repetitive learning is not creative? Listen to this episode to learn more.

Topics Covered in this episode of The Create and Grow Podcast:

[00:16] – Who is Nicole Tetreault?
[02:45] – Nicole’s Journey In Neuroscience
[05:53] – Understanding The Nervous System Holistically
[10:16] – Repetitive Learning Is Not Creative
[11:10] – Optimistic Imagination
[14:32] – Our Brains in Social Aspect
[17:41] – Connecting with Nature and Creativity
[19:30] – The Vitality of Meditation
[20:40] – The Art of Compassion
[28:32] – Shedding Light on Neurodiversity
[31:48] – How Creativity Makes You Wonder
[36:46] – How Does Art Help in All Areas
[39:48] – Nicole’s Gem to Share with the World


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