Episode #122 Looking at the Influences of Culture from All Angles: Family, Art, Language and Life

The only thing constant is change. Nicole Andrews is a thought leader whose personal philosophy is that life is a collection of our experiences and reflected by our service to others. She focuses on the culture, DEI and the intersections of the elements needed for a successful educational and life experiences. Though her expertise is early childhood development and brain health for developing brains, her expertise can be applied to all stages of life. Genein and Nicole discuss the effects of family culture, language, the arts and experiential learning in the classroom and workroom.

Nicole Andrews has dedicated  16+ years to serving as an educator, mental health professional, DEI consultant, and parent. As CEO and President of HomeGrown LLC, Nicole has developed programming and curriculum that amplified marginalized voices, partnered with E-12 schools, colleges, and business to provide skills training, and hosted community events that boosted visibility s an answer to the challenges of a changing business and education landscape that has a stronger focus on social emotional skills. Nicole was the recipient of Rochester, MN Mayor’s Excellence in Education Award. She continues to serve as a director on several non-profit organizations in her region. 

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