Myelinate Your Moments – Diamond Mentor Moment #23 – Genein Letford

To know your brain is to know your mind is to know your LIFE. One thing that happens in your brain during learning is myelination.

This is when the axons of the neurons become fixated together, with myelin (a fatty substance), to help the electrical impulses travel faster throughout your body.

What does this mean for your Intercultural Creativity?

Since creative thinking is a skill, anything you do with repetition gets stronger. Same with cultural competence. In this Diamond Mentor Moment, I share how to incorporate this concept of myelination into your life and I share an example from my life of how this played out with my public speaking.

Confidence – Overcoming Rejection – Increasing Creativity

Myelinate these moments for growth in 2022!

Genein Letford
Intercultural Creativity Keynote Speaker



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