How to Compose a Life of Intercultural Creativity – World Renown Composer Jose Elizondo – Episode #82

He was an unknown composer who got the rare chance to hear his music performed for Yo-Yo Ma and Sheku Kanneh-Mason. He took it!

A man who mixes engineering, math and music, and hosted over 700 international travelers in his home, this is a story that will inspire you to look at opportunities in a whole new way.

He is the epitome of someone who creates the life he desires, through the ups and downs. He is the essence of Intercultural Creativity. Enjoy the show!


Jose's Bio:

Jose Elizondo is a multifaceted polymath. As a technology designer and engineer, Jose’s work focuses on speech recognition and language processing, creating technology and systems that allow spoken computer-human interaction, such as interactive voice-response systems and virtual assistants. As an author, he has written articles on history, linguistics, and technology design. He has given lectures on mathematics, linguistics, history and music. And as a composer, José writes music for orchestras, chamber ensembles and soloists. 

He is the epitome of Intercultural Creativity. Be informed, enlightened and inspired by his journey.


Jose's Music

Yo-Yo Ma and Maximilian Hornung performing "Otoño en Buenos Aires"
Sébastien Hurtaud and Pamela Hurtado performing "The Dawn of Hope"
Benedict Klöckner performing "Under the starry sky of the Rhine"
instagram: @cellizondo
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