How To Build Generational Wealth – Dr. Pamela Jolly Episode #17

Wealth is generational. It takes three generations to build it and one generation to lose it. Dr. Pamela Jolly is brilliant and she’s here talking about legacy wealth building strategies in the areas of money, wealth and wisdom. This is top content for those who are creative (which is ALL of you) and looking to build wealth and maintain it through generations.

In 2004, Pamela launched Torch Enterprises, a strategic investment firm that focuses on women and minority-owned businesses. Torch stands for passing the Torch, from one generation to the next, to build wealth in our communities. Her firm is committed to elevating the standard of businesses for women, minorities, and their communities so that these growing classes of businesses effectively integrate into the economic mainstream of America and one day arrive at the position of parity. 

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February 22, 2020, Hollywood, CA

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