How Imposter Syndrome Inhibits Creative Potential And What To Do About It – Neha Sampat – Episode #73

She’s the queen of helping you bust through imposter syndrome. Everyone has experienced it but many of us are still struggling with how to overcome it and show up as our creative best.

She highlights how imposter syndrome is affected by, and often caused by, injustices. Diversity, equity and inclusion are the  driving forces behind her work.

Neha has built a successful consulting business supporting the creative and inclusive growth of people around the world so they can see themselves as capable, contributing team members.

We all are ‘creatives’ so letting imposter syndrome stop us is no longer optional. Thank you Neha for this timely wisdom and actionable advice!

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Neha’s Bio:

Neha Sampat is founder, consultant, and coach at GenLead. She has worked in the technology, legal, civic, non-profit, and education industries, and most recently served as Dean of Students and Adjunct Professor of Law and Leadership. She brings to her consulting and coaching practice her experience supporting and developing thousands of diverse individuals of varying generations and at all levels of an organization. Neha loves to facilitate connections that honor the unique strengths, voices, and missions of both her organizational and individual clients.


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