Episode #91 – Embracing Your Reluctant Inner Creative with Caroline Brookfield

From veterinarian to comic to creative guru, Dr. Caroline Brookfield is on the mission to make sure people are in control of their everyday creativity. She encourages people to *DANCE” which is 5 effortless habits to help YOU release your inner creative genius. Listen to this hilarious and information packed episode to learn what they are. She loves to challenge, entertain, engage and interact with audiences and this is no different.

Fill your mental universe with more diamond stars to enhance your creativity!

Topics Covered on this episode of The Create and Grow Podcast:

[02:30] – Dr. Caroline’s Journey to Where She is Today 
[05:07] – Progress as a Veterinarian Exploring the Artistic Aspects
[07:57] – Big C and Small C
[14:04] – What Can Help Get Back to Being Creative After Experiencing Fatigue? 
[15:53] – Never Forget to D.A.N.C.E. – The Five Habits to Release Creativity
[16:23] – D for Daydream
[17:01] – A for Ambiguity
[19:19] – N for Novelty
[24:40] – C for Curiosity
[30:38] – E for Editing Later
[36:27] – Releasing Creativity as a Family Project
[38:58] – Creativity is like Poop, We’re Full of It!
[41:15] – Dr. Caroline’s Final Gem is Writing is on the Wall


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