Episode #120 Aging Creativity: Staying Curious, Creative in the Later Year of Life – Mike Dougherty

Who says you need to lay down your creative pen when retirement comes? Mike Dougherty has just published his first novel in the second act of life. It is a slice of life tail that has been called heartwarming, and real. His fiction day is a gentle story written with the wisdom that comes with the gift of age. Como flats delivers that through an authentic set of characters, navigating into their twilight, years with humor, acceptance, and a healthy amount of cynicism. Mike continues to contribute and challenge his mind, even as he enjoys the elderly years.

Mike Dougherty has been an attorney by profession, a beer hawker by trade, and now a writer out of love. His first novel, Como Flats, was written from the experiences of the colorful characters he got to know in the local tavern of his neighborhood, the south Como area of Saint Paul, where he first moved with his wife, Ann, 35 years ago to attend law school.

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