Episode #117 Building a World of Imagination and Possibilities Scott Meier, CEO of Budsies

Being able to build elements of your world is a part of being imaginative. Budsies is a company that allows children and adults to send in images or a selfie and create a 3 D plushie and bring their story to life! I talk with Scott Meier, the CEO of Budsies, about his creative adventures, social innovation methods and how he feels Budsies is a  perfect way to address the emotional and mental health challenges society is facing today. Listen in for great examples of what it means to ‘create the life you want;.


Scott Meier, CEO of Budsies, Petsies, and Stuffed Animal Pros. As owner / CEO of the Budsies Companies, Scott Meier brings a forward-thinking perspective on creativity, content creation, and IP to the world of toys and customization. Scott Meier has directed, been a showrunner, produced, and marketed film and television projects including features, short films, music videos, and documentaries in Spanish and English-speaking markets for over 15 years.

To learn more about Scott, visit:

Website: Budsies.com 

Website: MyPetsies.com 

Website: StuffedAnimalPros.com 

Website: Waggables.com

To learn more, visit:


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