Episode #115 The Creative Curtain Call – The Journey of Barry Sanders, Creative Justice and the Importance of Story

Everything around you can influence your mindset and creativity. Mark McCormick is an avid observer and storyteller and his field of work ahas put him front and center of some of the most biggest influencers. During this podcast, we talked about how personal surroundings affect creativity. We also discuss his role in the book, ‘Bye Bye Barry’ about the retirement of superstar athlete Barry Sanders during his prime. One of the greatest thought leaders in the journalism field, Mark shares his perspective on story, justice and allowing people to shine bright with creative thinking.

Mark McCormick is a  NY Times bestselling author with nearly 30 years of experience as a journalist. I was a daily newspaper journalist for about 20 when I had to reinvent myself and become the top executive in a museum with a state-wide reach. I’m now Deeply Executive Director for the ACLU affiliate in Kansas. And believe that Democracy is more than voting. It is about belonging. I have chapters in two textbooks used in universities nationwide. Two of my recent projects (under the same name, “Bye, Bye Barry”) are number one on Amazon and Prime respectively.

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