Episode #107 Creative Thinking in an AI World – Jennifer Battinger

AI is here and we believe it can help us be more efficient, more creative and get more work done. Jennifer shares how AI is helping industries across sectors as well as in her industry of healthcare reporting. She’s not talking about AI replacing humans but helping humans do their job better and with more efficiency so humans can do what makes us human; create, connect and contribute. 

With 20 years of experience in tech, media, marketing and public relations, Jennifer brings a wealth of knowledge, skills and leadership helping brands grow to their highest potential utilizing her experience with digital marketing, demand generation, data reporting and brand development. Jennifer now serves as the President of Narrativa, one of the fastest growing artificial intelligence (AI) companies that specializes in automating transformative content (i.e. articles, white papers, reporting and more) for multiple industries, including Media, Marketing, Gaming, Finance and Life Sciences. 

Throughout her career, she specialized as a multi-faceted VP of Marketing and Branded Content Specialist serving many clients, including Entertainment Tonight, Dr. Phil, Cesar Millan, TBS, Hulu, Beliefnet, OWN, San Francisco Giants, Chevron, ExxonMobile, and more.

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