Diamond Mentor Momemt #30 – How the People who Teach us Change Our Lives

A Creative Tribute to a Teacher:  Mr. Miller

For this Diamond Mentor moment, I will be sharing my recent experience speaking at my 6th grade teacher's memorial service and how his guidance and empathy structured my current mindset and creativity.  I nominated him for the 2011 Sondheim Award which he won $10,000. I’ll share how that award affected his reflection on his whole teaching career.

We will also discuss how empathy and engagement is critical for building strong brains and how the brain produces acetylcholine, which is needed for plasticity (brain growth).

Great leadership is great ‘teacher’ ship.

Those who can do and those who love, teach.

Thank you Mr. Miller for your uniqueness and creativity. You are greatly appreciated and I will miss you.



PBS Special: The Brain
Livewired: The Inside Story of the Ever-Changing Brain by Dr. Dr. David Eagleman

Sondheim Award Article:
Sondheim Press Release:


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