Diamond Mentor Momemt #27 – Why Training and PD Need Emotional Connection to be Effective

‘Genein, I can’t take any more voice over powerpoints! This is having no long term effect on people’s behavior around these DEI topics!”


I heard this and I knew one reason why.

If facilitators aren’t tapping into people’s emotional brain, there is no strong connection to the topic. Sitting in a 60 minute lecture you are not emotionally committed to means it goes in one ear and out the other. Especially if it is a topic that can put people in a defensive mode or a ‘I’m not engaged’ mode.

The neuroscience is clear. The hippocampus’s decision to store memories hinges on two factors: emotional significance and previous knowledge for association.

Emotion leads. Content follows.
Connection leads. Learning (and then hopefully behavior change) follows.

In this Diamond Mentor Moment, I’ll discuss the importance of training, professional development and classroom learning that utilizes emotional imaginative strategies to teach difficult topics that bring about change.

This new era of thinking needs new strategies of online and in person teaching.

This new era needs Intercultural Creativity.

Join us!

Genein Letford, M.Ed
CAFFE Strategies, LLC


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