Building Your Creative Imagination for Leadership – Dr. Gloria Chance – Episode #70

Imagination is the engine of creative thinking and Dr. Gloria Chance is key a leader for imagination development.

She had to imagine how to move the banking industry online and as the title holder of ‘The Most Powerful Woman In Banking’ , she is a positive creative force to reckon with. Her work, her research and her signature ‘A Walk In My Shoes’ experience combines self reflection, creative arts, imagination training with powerful DEI development. Every business leader should take heed to her insight.

As the CEO of the Mousai Group,  Fortune 50 companies constantly seek out her expertise to shed light on the creative development their organizations need to transition through this shift and move this nation, and this world, forward. We are honored that she is here with us today!

Dr. Gloria Chance’s LinkedIn

Mousai Group Website


This episode is produced by – an industry leader in intercultural creative thinking development and the home of the 16 Diamond Tools of Creative Thinkers and the 7 Gems of Intercultural Creativity!


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