Financial and Life Coaching



  Why did I become a Life/Financial Coach? 76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and don’t have $1000 saved for emergencies. Many people dread going to work Monday mornings and feel like they are stuck in a rut. Deep in debt, no creative outlets and losing hope fast, people today need a new perspective on their finances and their life. This is how coaching can help. I have been an award-winning educator for over ten years and having been coaching clients to get their life on track in the areas of finance, time management, careers and producing creative income streams for the past three years. I work with both youth and adults and tailor effective coaching strategies to their current and future developmental goals. I've also lived the strategies I teach and, by the grace of God and implementation of these proven strategies, my husband and I paid off almost $100,000 of debt to become fully debt free while creating multiple creative income streams to help us reach our goal of becoming financially independent well before retirement. You can do this too!  

Carmelita Jeter, The Fastest Women Alive

  Beginning athletes as well as Olympic athletes have coaches, so why shouldn’t you? Sometimes we need someone to not only guide us but who can also cheer us on and keep us accountable. When is NOW a good time to start? Contact me to see if we are a good fit for your journey towards living your best life. The first consultation session is free to determine which life & financial coaching package is right for you!  

Get ready for 2017 to be your BEST year yet!



One on One Financial Coaching Areas:

Discovering and Adjusting Financial Mindsets

Getting Out and Staying Out of Debt

Getting Your Financial House in Order

Setting and Reaching Savings Goals

Investing Basics

Creating Creative Income Streams

Entrepreneurship Support

Do you want to improve in any of these areas? Contact me now to see if our financial coaching is right for you!


Life Coaching Areas:

Helping You Discover Your God –Given Purpose

Uncovering Self-Limiting Beliefs, Fears, Doubts and Overcoming Them

Time/Self Management

Career and Professional Advancement

Cultivating Professional and Personal Relationships

Do you want to improve in any of these areas? Contact me now to see if our life coaching is right for you!

Education and Training

Financial Coaching Certification, Light University, MN California State University, Northridge (CSUN) - Masters of Arts, Education University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Bachelor of Arts in Pyschology