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  • Walking A Red Carpet of Purpose
    And the Oscar goes to.... This familiar phrase, preceded by butterflies in the stomach and high anticipation, was heard many times on Hollywood’s most celebrated night. On Sunday, I had the privilege of representing and walking a different kind of red carpet – a red carpet of purpose - with PwC.   [capti...

  • Dec

    Asset Framing: Presenting Our Students In the Best Light
    What is asset framing? Good question! Right after a Donorschoose board meeting, I sat down with Trabian Shorters, a fellow board member, to discuss what asset framing is and why educators and community members need to be aware of this concept. Continue reading below but also watch the video above for the one on one interview! [caption ...

  • Dec

    Your Car is Your Identity – Or Is It?
    Funny story of how an experience with the valet showed me how much our level of 'success' is determined by our vehicle! *Still laughing off of this one!* Enjoy!

  • Nov

    Where Were You On #GivingTuesday?
      Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday and even though I planned to share this video on the actual day, I decided to beat the rush and send it out today to get others excited about helping others! Check out the video or read below (or do both!). Here are my top three charities for #GivingTuesday! Of course t...

  • Linking Our Students In: My Challenge to the Founder of LinkedIn: Allen Blue
    Refreshments. That's all they really need to put on an invite to get me in the room. Putting Allen Blue, the co-founder on LinkedIn on the invite helped too, but it was really about those LinkedIn donuts that sold me. Little did I know that attending the CSUN Business School's Speaker Series would provoke some q...

  • Oct

    ID Theft: How to Keep Your ID and Your Money $afe
    So it happened! Shayne and I got hit last month twice with ID theft. Someone took $400 from our business account electronically and then someone took a check from my wallet and wrote themselves $403 for ‘A Days Work’. I'm wondering what type of 'work' that is because I might be in the wrong profession!...

  • Staying Connected To The Cause
    How does an elderly black woman change the entire city of Atlanta? Here’s how - with a glass of Kool-Aid and an open door.   In the TED Talk by former Mayor of Atlanta, Kasim Reed, he shared his attempt to win the mayoral election by venturing out to knock on the doors of his potential constituents. With a dry scripted pit...

  • Feb

    5 Strategic Life Lessons I Learned From KIA
    Here's a written introduction of the video but if you can, watch the video - it's way more exciting!   The first month of 2016 is over and if you are desiring 2016 to be your best year yet, you have to check out these strategies I learned from KIA! Though I'm a teacher, I'm also a life long student and can learn from any situ...

  • The Purpose of Think It UP!
      Many years ago, the late Nobel Prize winner Albert Schweitzer was being interviewed in London and a reporter asked him, “Doctor, what’s wrong with men today?” The doctor then replied, “Men simply don’t think.” When I heard this from one of Earl Nightingale’s lectures, it made me question my classroom practic...
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  • The Power of the Story: A Lakeshore Lesson
      The Madrid airport was bustling with people quickly running to catch their flights. I glanced at my watch again - 2 more hours *sigh*. My cohort classmate looked at me, "So, what's your story?" I looked confused, "My what?" "You know, your story?"   Ever since that exchange, I began to realize how important people's s...